Homecare Physical Therapy in Fair Lawn

We offer homecare physical therapy to those in need of services who are unable to get to the clinic. Length and number of sessions depend on your condition, functional limitations, and goals which will be discussed during your first session. The initial evaluation is 50 minutes with subsequent sessions about 30 minutes each.

Homecare physical therapy is common after total knee, total hip, and total ankle replacement surgeries, among other orthopedic surgeries.  During the initial evaluation, strength, range of motion, reflexes, balance/gait, proprioception, and functional testing will be performed.  The patient’s home situation, whether they live on 1 or 2 floors, have stairs, thresholds, or other barriers, will be taken into account determining goals and the treatment plan.  Family training and patient education are also instructed during the 1st visit - this helps to ensure everyone involved with patient care are on the same page to help achieve the patient’s goals.

Homecare physical therapy length of treatment will be determined after the 1st appointment, but generally patients require about 1-3 weeks of care before they are discharged to an outpatient physical therapy facility.  The frequency and duration will be determined by the physical therapist during the 1st visit.

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