The NEUFIT System

Heal Faster & Perform Better

The Neubie uses a form of electrical stimulation to activate muscles and engage the nervous system with specific functional movements to get patients stronger and faster. Patients using the Neubie have seen improved strength, balance, and motor control with decreased pain and muscle spasms.

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The Neubie Machine

The Neubie Machine

Advanced electrical stimulation targets specific muscles to make the whole body work better

Using electrical activation techniques, we assess and find where pain and weakness originates from during the 1st treatment

Treatments with the NEUBIE are active - this actually permits movements, even therapeutic levels of stimulation

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Heal Faster and Reduce Pain - Neufit

Heal Faster and Reduce Pain

By strengthening and increasing range of motion, the body is supported to maximally engage its healing processess

Can typically reduce healing times by 30-50% compared to normal treatments

Along with the NEUBIE’s ability to manage acute and chronic pain, the NeuFit System can help get to the root of where the pain is coming from

Muscles and metabolic rate adapt accordingly, and your results are accelerated

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Perform Better - Neufit

Perform Better

With Neufit, one exercise session works your muscles as much as several traditional workouts

NEUBIE can provide an effective method of muscle re-education, which helps optimize the function of the targeted muscles

Using strategic mobility drills, neurological re-education, and large doses of eccentric movement with Neubie, muscles are trained to become more pliable and absorb force

Through neuromuscular stimulation, your musculoskeletal and nervous system work more efficiently, increasing your speed of movement and overall strength

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