Physical Therapy Treatments

At our physical therapy clinic located in Fair Lawn, NJ we treat the following conditions

Our physical therapists specialize in the treatment of orthopedics, sports injuries, postural dysfunction/ergonomics, geriatrics, and spinal disorders. The conditions we treat range from acute injuries such as ankle sprains, low back pain, and rotator cuff strains, to chronic conditions such as spinal stenosis, neck pain, and multiple sclerosis.

Each therapist treats only 2 patients per hour, customizing each program specifically to the goals of each patient. We pride ourselves in providing one-on-one manual treatment and skilled therapy techniques, treating everyone from adolescents to seniors, college athletes to working professionals and everyone in between. The most current sports medicine techniques and evidence based techniques are incorporated into your treatment.

Sports physical therapy, post-surgical rehabilitation, postural retraining, sports medicine, and Core/Abdominal Strengthening are just some of the treatments we provide.

Each Physical Therapy program is tailored to help you reach and maintain your goals. A detailed home exercise program (HEP) is reviewed and demonstrated during the 1st visit and updated regularly throughout the course of treatment. Whether you are returning to the soccer field, recovering from a surgery, or just trying to reduce your chronic sciatica, our physical therapists can help you get back to what matters most.


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