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Tennis Elbow Physical Therapy Treatment

Tennis Elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a painful condition of the elbow/forearm caused by overuse.  Playing tennis and other racquet sports can cause tennis elbow, however, most people who experience this condition don’t play tennis! Activities such as computer use, painting, writing, or other repetitive motions can lead to tennis elbow.

The muscles you use to twist, grip, and carry objects all attach to the “lateral epicondyle”, the outside part of the elbow.  These tendons become inflamed and irritated, which is why any movement of the wrist or elbow can cause pain in the elbow. Contact a professional Physical Therapy for Tennis Elbow immediately.

Tennis Elbow & Elbow Pain


The symptoms of tennis elbow gradually develop over time.  Pain usually starts out over a few weeks or months as a result of forceful or repeated use of the elbow, hand, and wrist over the outside part of the elbow.  Less common, pain comes on suddenly, caused by forceful activities such as pushing a lawn mower or lifting overhead with arms extended.

Symptoms can include:

- Pain or burning on the outside of the elbow

- Pain radiating to the outside part of your forearm or wrist

- Weak grip strength

- Difficulty and pain with common household tasks - turning knobs, holding a cup

- Difficulty with gripping activities


Gradual onset without a specific cause is most commonly found with tennis elbow. Everyday tasks such as painting, typing/computer use, excessive writing, and of course playing tennis.

Sudden onset of tennis elbow can be caused by garden work - use of a lawn mower or chainsaw, digging, shovel use, and other recreational activities which require vigorous use of the elbow.

Carpenters, plumbers, and painters are particularly susceptible to tennis elbow - these jobs require constant gripping and repetitively lifting.  Studies have shown that even cooks and butchers get tennis elbow more frequently than the rest of the population.

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