Back School

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for visits to physical therapy. Back school is an umbrella term for the following services. Your physical therapist will create a specific program involving each of these services to reduce your symptoms and achieve pain free function.


- Description of anatomy and its relation to your diagnosis.

- Postural assessment, training, and strengthening.

- Core strengthening and stabilization.

- Leg strengthening .

- Back strengthening.

- Lifting techniques.

- Education on how to setup your workstation and home for optimal posture.

- Home exercise review.

In addition to the above listed services, your therapist will also incorporate manual therapy techniques, such as massage, mobilizations, and/or stretching.

The above services of back school are aimed to decrease your low back pain and restore your normal function. These services will teach you how to manage your symptoms to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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