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Sports Physical Therapy & Performance Training in Fair Lawn

Becoming injured during a sport season can be extremely devastating. Finding the proper care for sports conditioning and sports training is essential to your recovery. At Specialized Physical Therapy, we are trained to make the transition as simple and effective as possible.

Common sports injuries include ankle sprains, shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff tears, hip labrum tears, and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. The most common injury is an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear often due to cutting, pivoting, or contact sports.


Sports Physical Therapy and Training Exercises


Best Sports Physical Therapy in New Jersey

If you have had surgery, your therapist will follow a specific protocol, which outlines the rate at which you can be progressed with exercises. Once you are cleared by your MD to begin sports training, your therapist will design an individualized program to condition you back to your sport. Your therapist will also perform a number of tests to verify your safety for returning back to your sport once you are near completion of your training.

If you have not had surgery, you can come to therapy without a prescription and be evaluated by one of our therapists. After a thorough evaluation of your symptoms, your physical therapist will plan an individualized treatment program aimed to diminish your symptoms and begin sports conditioning to return you to play.

Sports Physical Therapy with Nubie

At Specialized Physical Therapy, we have a unique tool that sets us apart and help YOU get back to your sport. This machine is called the Neubie. With the Neubie, one exercise session works your muscles as much as several traditional workouts Neubie can provide an effective method of muscle re-education, which helps optimize the function of the targeted muscles. Using strategic mobility drills, neurological re-education, and large doses of eccentric movement with Neubie, muscles are trained to become more pliable and absorb force. Through neuromuscular stimulation, your musculoskeletal and nervous system work more efficiently, increasing your speed of movement and overall strength


Bsketball & ACL Prvention Clinics


With the tools and expertise at Specialized Physical Therapy, we are confident we can assist you in returning to your sport. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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