5 Key Benefits for Physical Therapy

5 Key Benefits for Physical Therapy
Physical therapy isn't just for recovery after surgery. There are many reasons to seek the help of a physical therapist.
Here are 5:
1. Avoid Surgery: For many injuries, physical therapy is effective enough to achieve total healing and prevent the need for surgery. Post-surgical care almost always includes physical therapy so why not do it beforehand and possibly avoid surgery entirely?
2. Enhance Mobility: A targeted treatment plan can help injuries and chronic pain. Increasing your range of motion and flexibility will enable you to complete daily activities more easily.
3. Pain Reduction: Pain can be significantly reduced or eliminated altogether with manual physical therapy and exercises. Seeing a physical therapist can often help reduce discomfort without the need for prescription medication.
4. Stroke Recovery: Stroke patients can use physical therapy to regain strength, improve balance, and build coordination.
5. Injury Prevention: Pro-active physical therapy is an excellent “maintenance plan” that helps prevent injuries caused by every day activities and sports.
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